We're Mad as Hell and We're Not Going to Take This Anymore!

                      Get mad!   Fight back!  Get even!


You don't have to be a member in or a contributor to The Howard Beale Memorial Society to see or use any part of our website as it is presently organized.  However, if you want to have anything to say about how this organization is constituted or functioning, or how this website is created, maintained, or operated, then you're going to have to help pick up your end of the log.  Like the message on the side of the hippy's VW bus in the turbulent '60s proclaimed, "Gas, grass, or ass, no one rides for free."  This bus needs money to run, and we don't have a George Soros sugar daddy carrying the ball.

So, to join up, just fill in as many or as few of the blanks as you may choose, swipe the whole page, and e-mail it to us.  For now a nom de plume will suffice. If you wish, you don't have to reveal anything about yourself, although that will have to change as we get into the more tactical details lest we be infiltrated and taken over by the "bad guys."

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